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I am numb. I am hurting. I can feel the pain in my chest, increasing in size. I can’t cry. I am trying so hard to shed a tear to maybe feel something, but my tear ducts run dry. I am in a temporary state of paralysis. I can’t move. I am trying to reach for a glass of water but it feels as if my body is filled with bags if sand. My mind is in a state of complete vacancy. I cannot think. I cannot concentrate. I cannot cope. My body runs cold. Ice is running throughout my veins. I am shaking so viciously I fear I cannot stop. The pain has made it’s way the the rest of my body. My body is throbbing with this dull ache that won’t leave. I am numb. I am hurting. This is what a broken heart feels like.
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Sometimes I wish that you were still mine and that you still loved me. But when I really think about, you were the person that let me drown in my own sadness. You were the person that pushed me into a black hole of depression and at times I’m happy you left me.

But sometimes I remember all the times you made me think you were saving me from downing and all the times you pulled me out of that black hole. But you always pushed me back in. Even though I love you, I’m glad you left.

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Don’t you understand that I’m completely mad for you?
Your voice is all I want to hear, your lips all I want to touch. Your hands I want all over me, your breath down my neck. I want you in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night. I want you in every form, in every which way that you are. You, you, you- you’re always on my mind. God, you need to understand that I’m utterly, I’m insanely-mad for you.
(I’m just madly in love with you- do you understand that?)
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